I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

So….Big Brother rears his ugly head again. Parliament is set to debate the introduction of a huge expansion of the powers of the state  to read all our  ‘e’ mails, mobile phone texts and even observe what sites we visit when we browse the world wide web. Do you want someone tracking all the websites you visit as you browse ? Do you want some faceless security bod to read the ‘e’ mails you send to your son, daughter, mother or father ? Or listen in to confidential business meetings ?  I know I don’t.  I think it is a step too far and an infringement of civil rights. It’s no good saying, “Well, if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear”. That only works in an ideal world…and this world aint ideal.  The Tories talk about rolling back the state, and then they say they are going to introduce Big Brother to tighten the screws on the public even more. Mr posh Cameron and the so called coalition, has had a bad few days this week, what with deliberately (IMHO) causing a national panic buying spree of fuel..did they mention that the tax revenue earned in just one day was £32 million as they tried to discredit a not yet announced strike by tanker drivers.(Their tactics were a transparent, sordid attempt to turn public opinion against men and women who are protesting at the bad work practice of management trying to save money by cutting corners in health and safety and making the job more dangerous than  it is…not only for the tanker drivers but, more importantly, the public, and of course don’t forget ‘PASTYGATE’…I’m not even going to go there !!!)…..Back to BIG BROTHER , live at the GCHQ… If I remember rightly the labour government also tried to introduce the same thing and a massive surge of  public opinion stopped it dead in it’s tracks. We must do the same again and not let the Tories force this despicable  legislation on us. I just can’t grasp where posh Cams is coming from with this….but I can guess where it will take him……


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