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WELL…here we are again in A&E with Dad…for those of you who didn’t read my previous A&E blog, this is the second time I’ve landed here in as many weeks and whilst the Women in my life are with dad in his cubicle waiting … waiting … waiting for the hard pressed NHS doctor to arrive, I’m in the A&E waiting area, people watching ( well there is never much else to do is there ?) and as usual there are the normal ‘motley’ crew in attendance. It’s rather quieter than last time I was here, probably due to the fact that it is EASTER SUNDAY and every one NOT here is on the great Easter egg hunt. The first person of note is a young woman, about 17 years old. Let’s for arguments sake say she is called Mary Smith…if she had a middle name she would be called Mary ‘WHO POURED ME INTO THESE TROUSERS’ Smith. Believe you me she leaves nothing to the imagination ….it’s as if she had purple skin below the waist and was going around naked…it’s enough to make my glasses steam up !!!! But, of course, it’s not polite to stare, is it ? You just can’t help noticing she hasn’t even got a thong on !!! She is here with her girlfriend who is sporting a cracking black eye along with a half rubbed off Henna arm painting and several fading night club exit passes stamped on both wrists…however, we are non judgemental at this blog and can’t comment on the story behind the henna arm scrolls and the no knickers syndrome….someone else will come in soon that is worthy of observation….until then, I’ll be waiting … waiting … waiting for my bum to go numb… back shortly…
Well it’s now 12 noon and we are still playing the ‘W’ game…waiting for blood test results and an elderly chap has come into the waiting area with a mass of bruising on his face and his head swathed in blood stained bandages. His story is that he was mugged up at the tram stop at Manor Top and repeatedly kicked in the head. It certainly looks like he had a right royal kicking. Turns out it was a young lad, about 15/16 years old who took a fancy to his mobile phone and didn’t like the fact that he was old and couldn’t defend himself ….what is this world coming to? That’s bad even for the Manor estate in Sheffield….. Short break now whilst I relieve my numb nether regions……
1pm now and the place is filling up…first sporting injuries arriving…a goalkeeper with a VERY swollen and lacerated head….mind you, being a goalkeeper of some note in my younger days, I know that all goalkeepers are a little bit MAD !! So I can equate with his injuries. the other footballer is a left full back using his baggy shirt as a makeshift sling. At first I thought he was a from Japan or Korea, but he looked like that because he was grimacing with pain… It looked as though he had been steamrollered by a huge centre forward…ouch!!!…..
The ‘W’ game goes on….now we are waiting…waiting…waiting for a bed in the assessment ward for dad as the hospital are going to keep him in for a few days…he is not a happy bunny. ….. Another goalkeeper with teeth missing and a very fat pair of lips with stud marks in them….that has got to hurt…a lot !!!..Oh !! And another goalkeeper with his leg in a splint….that proves all goalkeepers are mad because he is smiling a lot !!!!
Well, at home now getting ready for evening visiting…they are going to keep Dad in for a few days and get a lung specialist to see him…he is NOT a happy bunny this Easter…….That’s it for another day in the life of a ‘Steel City’ man…Stay safe people and for all the Detached Youth Workers out there….. ” Fill your cleats” and be careful, it’s a jungle out there !!!

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad….It matters not what others think…if you feel the need, HOWL at the moon !!!

Location:NGH…Sheffield…9 AM

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