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The whole bloody country seems to have gone Olympic mad !!! Well not All the country, but mainly the people who live in or near London…or those who live elsewhere and can afford the return rail fair for a family…or those lucky enough to have won the ticket lottery. There seems to be a very visible North/South split regarding the Olympic Mania that is sweeping the country. I didn’t apply for any tickets because I couldn’t afford any…I was priced out of watching them by Mr Coe and company. If, as I mentioned earlier, I could have afforded the tickets, I would have been stumped by the prohibitively high return rail costs (Sheffield to London) and of course the fact that every bed and breakfast, hotel, guest house and private house with a spare room has hiked up the prices to the highest seen in the capital since Princess Diana’s funeral…..The politicians make me laugh when they say, “…But the communities where the events are taking place will benefit enormously from the the Olympic legacy.” …excuse me!!…benefit enormously from the Olympic waters ports complex!!?? How can they say that when, for Joe Public, the cost to utilise the complex will be three times more than the four pools they closed in the borough because they couldn’t afford to run them in the first place !!! ….Community Leisure Centres are closing at a great rate of knots. Just about every community in the country has had local leisure centres closed in order to save money due to the cuts imposed on our Councils by the Coalition government…”Dumb and Dumber” ..or what???….The politicians tell us that, as a nation, we need to be fitter, less obese and a lot healthier than we currently are….it is a joke that the major corporate sponsor of the Olympics is Mcfat Donald’s ….is that double standards and money talking, or does it make sense ??? To me it doesn’t. And how will the Olympic facilities benefit anyone living in Doncaster in the North of England, or Goven in Glasgow ….no doubt if people show Olympic grade talent at a sport they will get a lottery grant to use the facilities, but for the vast majority of us, we can only dream.

Personally, I feel that if people want to get patriotic, wave a Union Jack and say to the world, “Look what we can do with £9.6 billion”…let them get on with it. Just bear in mind that NO project as big as the Olympic project has ever….in all history…come in on or under budget. Experts will testify that the final cost of the games is more than likely to be in the region of £12-15 billion. In these times of austerity and “All being in it together” and tightening our belts by cutting public spending and shedding jobs, slashing the NHS to the bone to make way for back door privatisation, it is all rather a waste of TAXPAYERS money. Whilst one person’s ideal dream is to make our nation great by winning a few gold medals (and I would love to see us at the top of the medal table)…my ideal dream would be to spend the forecasted £12-15 billion on making the National Health Service, once again, the envy of the free world, and totally free at the point of need. I would willingly pay extra taxes for that dream. And for those who say , “we can’t afford it” … I say, “Stop fighting wars abroad that are un-winnable and start fighting wars at home that ARE very, rescuing the National Health Service, Giving the youth some hope of employment and a trade, and make it easier to start some manufacturing industries like the successful reopening of the knickers factory by MARY PORTAS….it can be done. Until another time my friends, may your God keep you safe and thanks for reading my blog….

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad….It matters not what others think…if you feel the need, HOWL at the moon !!!

Location:Somewhere in a non Olympic Non Regeneration Zone….

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