I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Just when I thought it safe to take off my boots and relax … The call came from mum for help with dad….He had collapsed in the bathroom, could we come down. So Chris and I dropped everything and rushed round to dad’s place. It didn’t look good when we arrived, Dad was unconscious and unresponsive…it was a no brainer, I rang 999, Chris helped mum to get some things together for him and before you could say, “Where are they?”, the paramedics were driving up the road closely followed by the ambulance….those guys and gals are so efficient and quick, they make your nose bleed. That was at about 1000hrs this morning and I’m sitting here again in A&E at 1730hrs playing the waiting, waiting, waiting game. The docs seem to think it is something to do with his heart, and after all the x-rays and blood tests, we are waiting for the cardiologist to give his verdict. Dad has recovered somewhat and is alternating sleep and conversation with mum and Chris…so it’s waiting, waiting, waiting again…seems so familiar now. Not that we begrudge our numb bums, curly canteen sandwiches and weak tea…we’d do anything for dad, and this is what ‘Family’ is all about.

The place is getting really full now with all manner of people and injuries. Lots of work related accidents, lots of elderly people with arms in slings and limping and a few people like myself, who are just playing the waiting, waiting, waiting game and/or, just people watching….All the seats are full now, it will be interesting to see how many of the more able bodied people will give their seats up for the more infirm…not many, I suspect. We will continue waiting, waiting, waiting and watching….BRB….Time 2000 hrs and we are going home now. They are keeping dad in for observation, he looks quite poorly bless him. I think this will be the last ‘Day in A&E’ entry for this blogger as I can’t concentrate with worrying about dad’s welfare …. there are plenty of other places to people watch, and wait, wait, wait.

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