I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.


As the race for City Hall (LONDON) intensifies, Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Brian Paddick and Jenny Jones clashed over transport fares, crime and phone hacking….what a rude plonker Boris Johnson is…how did the people of London ever vote for him in the first place??? As a Yorkshire bloke, I don’t have  a lot of interest in the power struggle taking place in the South Eastern corner of England. If the people really want an inept, boorish and, IMHO, a rather stupid politician called Boris running the capital, then they deserve all they get !!….In the televised debate, Boris was totally destroyed, not by Ken Livingstone, but by himself !!!  At one point Boris (henceforth called DORIS) was actually arguing against the manifesto his office had produced !!! ….is that inept or is that inept??? I wouldn’t want a person like DORIS running the show up here in Sheffield…he would get more than a pint of flat beer poured over his head…’It’s grim up North’ Doris. Brian Paddick’s record got a bit stuck in the , “I spent 30 Years in the Met police” groove….is that something to be proud of ???. Jenny Jones bless her, looked as though she had been messing with the plug sockets…or some other piece of electrical equipment !!!. One thing in her favour is that the policies she was promoting, were indeed GREEN . Ken Livingstone was getting a bit fed up of Doris interrupting and spluttering, but for me, Mr Livingstone offered a believable transport policy if nothing else could be believed…Come on you Londoners…vote Ken in …if you vote for Doris Johnson, you deserve all you get…Do I see riots in the future ??…I am afraid to predict as my witterings are now read by a faceless drone somewhere in the secret service …..I’ll leave you with a line from the Kaiser Chiefs  hit…………………………………………………..?

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