I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

We’re off, We’re off, we’re off in a motor car,
50 cops are after us ,
And we don’t know where we are,
Oh, we’re off, we’re off ……etc, etc…

Right my loyal readership, we are indeed off….not in a motor car as in the song, but a Chara banc, or sharra bang as we used to say as childrenre. In fact most tykes still call a coach a sharra bang, funny how it sticks.

I’m not sure if I’m sorry to say, but I may have joined the ranks of the elderly who go for 5 day breaks to Torquay in mid winter. Mum and Dad, bless their cotton flight socks, have paid for Chris and me to join them on the afore mentioned 5 day break to Torquay, and we are currently on the Sharra Bang cruising bumpily down the M1…dawn is just breaking and most sensible people are turning over in bed to have another half hour snooze. It was still dark when we arose and annoyed the birds and burglars..too early for civilised pensioners to try and force toast and marmalade down. HOWEVER, we are off, on a jolly and like last time, Chris and I are the youngest members of the crew…is there, I wonder, a collective noun for a group of pensioners ????….a Pension of pensioners maybe, or a Blue rinse of ’em…let me know if you know the CORRECT term of indeed if you have a made up one. I foresee problems with only one ‘comfort break’ between Sheffield and the Rivera town of Torquay …. I await with bated breath!!!
During the next 5 days or so, I’ll be adding to the Blog as and when ‘exciting’ things happen and I’ve just realised the first exciting thing HAS happened already……..this morning I forgot to take my meds !!!!!!!

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad….It matters not what others think…if you feel the need, HOWL at the moon !!!

Location:M1 Southbound…

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