I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Well, here we are, having been shoe horned into an ultra modern Charra Banc…. I say shoehorned because if any of us ‘oldies’ mutinied and got sentenced to a flogging, there would NOT be enough room to swing the ‘cat’….if memory serves me correctly ( it’s been known NOT to lately!!) there was always loads of room on the sharra bang that took us on the club trip to Cleethorpes every year…happy days, a bag of crisps, an orange and half a crown to spend on getting sick with either spice or roundabouts….mind you, it probably appeared that there was more than enough room because I was small them days. But I now have difficulty fitting into the seat, and NO, I haven’t eaten all the pies!!!….So…we are on the way home after five days on a stereotypical ‘pensioners mid winter break’ on the English riviera. Thankfully, the two ‘Blue rinse’ warriors that were stalking me are now on the other Sharra Bang following us up the motorway. I had a narrow squeak last night though…another ‘mature’ lady, a bottle blonde …or was it a wig?? . Came over to me as we were settling down to play that time honoured tradition of ‘ Bingo before the turn’ and as she vigorously squeezed my bum, asked, “being as you won twice on the bingo, if you win tonight you can buy me a brandy and pep, alright ???” She kept hold of my bum for a few seconds too long and for the moment, I thought I was on one of those Warner breaks where you put your keys in a big bowl and hope you get the good looking one from Derby….I almost broke out into a sweat. Anyway I said I would, and she left me alone, with a disappointed glance when I didn’t win a sausage !!! The ‘turn’ proved to be another thirty something with a huge backing orchestra in a little box singing…you guessed it….more bloody Country and western….the very same songs sung by the other two performers on previous nights….I retired to the bar to once again, retest the anaesthesia of Jamesons good old Irish…Two large ones and it kicked in so I called it quits and went upstairs to watch the second half of the England -Brazil match, which, incidentally, really surprised me because I haven’t seen an English performance in defence like that since 1966!!. Good game, or at least second half. 265 miles to go before we leave the M5 then it’s roughly the long haul up the M1 to God’s country and home to the ‘Steel City’ once again.

It’s been lovely writing for you again after such a long layoff, I must try and do more blogging, It can be very cathartic. TTFN from me and Christine, who is gently snoring besides me and the ‘Elders’ sat in front of us. xxxxxx

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad….It matters not what others think…if you feel the need, HOWL at the moon !!!

Location:M5 heading roughly Northwards……

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