I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Well Readers, if indeed there are any left!!, if what readership I once had are STILL awaiting with bated breath for  the next installments of the RED BOX and  the MEMOIRS pages….then now you can breathe normally, for here is the continuation of the most famous of all my Blogs…well, actually the only blog I’ve ever done.

It has been some time since my last entries, I think the story of the winter break with the parents was t

he last entry….well, water under the bridge and all that…so much has happened since then to get in


the way of seriously updating the blog.  First of all I had a severe attack of Don’tgiveastuffitis for which the only known cure is a win on the National Lottery, or…., if you are into alternative medicine, a regular dosage of Dontgiveash1t pills…and that is the treatment I chose!!!….it didn’t work!!! Another factor was that just before last Christmas I came back from a visit to the doctors to find my dear wife Christine, collapsed in the living room..999…paramedics…A&E and into the Critical care unit where she was put into an induced coma for three days whilst they tried to find out how to fix her. The problem ?…Ventricular Tachycardia, or Rapid Heart beat. Anyway after a month in hospital and too many to mention brushes with ‘im in the black cowl and the scythe, they fitted her with a defibrillator/pacemaker and after a short recovery time, allowed her home. PHEW!!! close call that was. Then there was the recovery time at home, I just didn’t want to leave her for a minute. The hospital outpatients appointments came thick and fast….Then Ron, Christine’s Dad, began to deteriorate and he passed away suddenly in April…now Mum is in hospital after suffering a bad fall at home with no sign of a release date after 10 days in bed…so there in a nutshell are my excuses for not updating this Blog.

I have had several requests to hurry up and get the final parts of my memoirs done…well hopefully now I have started the blog again, the memoirs will be published before the readership melts away completely.

Lot’s of things have been happening…or NOT happening…in the world of Politics, depending on your outlook and which end of the spectrum you stand, sit or shuffle towards, so…keep your eyes on the RED BOX page as there will be a lot of pontification on the state of this bas***d government and the equally dysfunctional opposition, the Royal family, Tax dodgers, media pirates to mention just a few burning issues…and I’ve not even started on the public spending cuts yet!!!!

I don’t know yet whether or not to add another section/page to this blog concerning my love of photography….not a lot of blurb, but mainly a photo gallery….or….start another purely photographic blog….time will tell,  see you soon readers…..

One thought on “…Return of the Lost Blogger…

  1. I have discovered that if “Dontsigeashit” pills do not work then a couple of spoonfuls of “Dammitol” tonic might do the trick. LOL!

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