I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

I’ve decided to devote a section of the blog to Twitter and people’s ‘Twitterings’ or Tweets…I like ‘Twitterings’ better so I shall refer to their utterances as such….not because I write any Twitterings of note, nor do I find other Tweeters , Twittering about noteworthy things. There are a few noteworthy examples of the occasional good Tweet, from people like Billy Bragg, whom I follow, and various trade unionists and Twitterers with a similar leftist approach to life and it’s issues. I used to follow a whole host of ‘Twitteres’ but came to the conclusion that most, especially celebrity Tweeters, sink into the mire of Advertising instead of worthwhile Twitterings and they simply clog up the pages of Twitter with their advertising and promoting…usually done in the form of re Tweets….and then there are the Twitterers who let us all know when they do the most mundane everyday things…..”I farted at 10 am …it was warm !!!”…Do I really want to know that??? Is it worth a Tweet on  the Tinternet ??? Plus the fact it taxes the brain to get a message across that’s interesting, full of wit and intelligence in only 140 characters. I have trouble doing it and frequently write two tweets to get my message across with any semblance of good English….I refuse , well almost always…to sink to the depths of ‘Text Speak’ (OK M8 CU l8r…I think that’s how you do it!!). I have stopped following a whole host of celebrities simply because they clog up the page and there is a need to spend ages trawling through the endless list in order to see who has tweeted you a message.

I enjoy Twittering with my pal Zoe, in Kingston upon Hull, or as they say in the vernacular… ‘ull…, and no, it’s never Dull there!! She’s Rugby League and I’m Rugby Union….and never the Twain shall meet, Though technically they have really. She is a downright good Lass and offers very entertaining and insightful twitterings…particularly involving her ‘smelly’ pooch (DOG!!)  Keep it coming Zoe, I look forward to your Twitterings.

Twitter is also good for making contact with lost friends. I found one a couple of days ago … one I hadn’t seen in about 27 or so years. It’s sad when you lose touch, so I was overjoyed when I discovered they were on Twitter, sent a tweet and got a reply the same day !!! …Thanks Maggie, it was so good to talk with you again, even if it was in bursts of 140 characters!!……Keep watching this space for any interesting Twitterings and Twitterers I stumble across in the future….I can’t promise a lot, but I’m sure Zoe, if she reads this, will oblige…………………………..cogsinwall

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