I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

cogsinwallWell…who’d have thought?? It’s about 5 months since my last words about the ‘Twitterings’ I’ve seen. I must admit that I have become an avid ‘Twitterer, following all sorts of interesting people and organisations…meeting up with long lost friends and colleagues, as well as shouting politics. (There are more left wingers than I thought out there !!)…One of my favourite twitterers is a young woman who’s handle is  @wilde … she also writes a blog, which I would recommend you to read…though it can be quite painful if you are male. She is very insightful and writes very well, indeed , grips you by the ….interests!    Of the other people and organisations I have aligned to, one of my favourites is the Rotherham Titans Rugby Union club. As well as providing a VERY tasty Pie and Pea lunch on a match day, the beer is of excellent quality and the fans are grand folks to get to know….as well as,of course,  having a magnificent Championship team that plays some brilliant Rugby !!!..but the thing I love about the Titans, is that when the game is away and I can’t get there, there is a running commentary on TWITTER to keep you up to date. Not only does it keep you up to date with the match…it actually makes you feel as though you are there in person, the commentary is so good.

I recently installed ‘TWEETDECK‘, a Twitter app that really enhances your experience of twitter…keeping you abreast of all your tweets that are being re-tweeted, who is favoriting your twitterings and showing a running visualisation of all the interactions you have with other ‘Twitterers’ or ‘TWEEPS’ as they are becoming known…. 10 out of ten from me!!!

Still having the same problem with the Twitter feed getting blocked up with hundreds of Tweets per minute though…and the more people you follow the worse it is. I am currently following the aforementioned @wilde, various selected trade union activists..a super one from Hull and loads of colleagues and friends and family up and down the country. I best watch out… may be turning into an obsession ..TTFN.

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