I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

cogsinwall….Woke up this mornin’ ….. feelin’ kinda strange ….. don’t know if my small brain….can cope with all the change………….I got the Blues…..I got the ANDROID Blues…..all this newfangled technology, is going to do me down…..

Well, I ask you, how can you expect someone who, when he uses a calculator, has to check out the answer with pencil and paper !!!??? (or in my case …with quill, ink and parchment !!), or even someone (yes…me again!) who thinks that a computer’s OS,  be it … iOS, windows or Linux, is actually based on the grunts and guttural noises of the ‘Klingon‘ tongue, and  solely designed to fool such as me !!   …. How can you expect them (ME) to embrace an ANDROID without waking up in the wee small hours screaming from having bad dreams, night sweats and a wife covered in bruises through me kicking away a nasty ROBOT!!!     Advancing  years and super fast technology just don’t mix very well in my case, so to jump from a stone age Nokia (other brands are available) to what is regarded as a passably high tech and fast mobile phone with an endless supply of APPS, devices, downloads and generally scary things that I never knew existed before, to HAPPILY take to a marvel of Samsung electronic engineering (other brands are available) … is a bit rich.

      Of course, what should have happened is, I should have read the user manual from start to finish, learning as I went along ….. but this is me….I can’t do that. I have to pick up up the device, game, whatever it is, and jump straight in with no set learning pattern or structure of any sort.  Even if I had tried to pick the user manual and read it….I would have failed miserably because it’s an ‘ON-LINE’ user manual !!!  the infernal machine wouldn’t let me get ‘ON-LINE’..why ??? ….BECAUSE I CAN’T  UNDERSTAND  BLOODY KLINGON!!!!….I’ve watched every episode of STAR TREK since Kirky baby joined the academy, but over the years it never dawned on me that one day I would have to understand what my KLINGON speaking computer or ANDROID is telling me!!!…a bit late in the day now, methinks.

      I’ve had the Android for two weeks now, and I finished up having  to ring the SAMSUNG help line to ask them to talk me through the whole set up process…I felt a right wally …. yes I know I am!!…. Well, now I have apps coming out of my ears..some very good ones too. I’ve got one that draws me pretty graphs of how my blood glucose levels are doing (it’s all extra work..I still have to draw blood and put it into my little machine to get the reading…and then I have to input that reading into the app…along with my carbohydrate intake for each meal, exercise regime throughout the day….it is a LOT of extra fiddling, but at the end of the day it does produce a pretty graph ….. (when I can understand the insidious, ever pervasive KLINGON!!!!)

    I will prevail…in the end…that is, it will be the end of me or the end of the ANDROID !!!  I will go and do some more Samsung fiddling



One thought on “ANDROID Blues…..

  1. steelcityman says:

    Hahahahaha…. if the lead was long enough mon ami, I think I would give it a go!!!

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