Mmmm…where have I heard that before ??…Anyway, new look blog and hopefully a new begining in the Steel City Man’s witterings. THAT’S where I ve heard it before, yet another commitment to a regular blog…maybe not daily, though I will try with a little help from the Daily post at I hope the lead page header isn’t too boring …difficult to have a picture which sums up your interests. I think I’ve got most of it included I.e family, family tree research, Politics, Water colour painting and my love of God’s own country…Yorkshire. I couldnt fit a pint of best Bitter into the size of picture required for a header but you can’t have everything, can you ?cogsinwall
If any of my readers are STILL hanging around waiting for the next instalment in the Memoirs of a detached youth worker saga….worry ye not…it will be the last instalment and quite a large one, but it is coming…honest !! and in it I will name names !!..Oh! yes.

I have enrolled in a Blogging 101 workshop/course ..through WordPress in the search for more focus and direction in the blog. Coupled with the new look theme, I’m hoping for a better blogging experience for both the reader and the author…starts on Monday.

Off for tea now…catch you later I hope.