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Well my faithfull readership…if there are any readers left !! If there are none (readers) then these words will forever drift, unread, in the ether or cyberspace. Ether sounds better..more spiritual and etheral. Anyway an update for the Bad Apple saga is overdue so I will attempt to describe what it was like when it dawned on me what the trouble was and why the verdampt machinen would refuse to switch on when it’s button was depressed. When I first bought it my two Grand daughters bought me a gift, a leather carry case with two small magnets for the catch…I was super pleased. As you may, or may not know, the brand new Macbook Air, after three trips to an authorised Apple repair depot, kept refusing to switch on…(they couldn’t find anything wrong with it) and after months of dialog with Apple Command, who, I felt, didn’t quite believe the problem was happening, and no less than four videos/films of me switching the machine on and nothing happening, finally agreed to send a replacement Macbook Air out when I returned the original. Honestly, even though I was in my rights to demand a replacement machine, I really felt as though I was harassing poor old Apple. when I rang they would call me by my first name, “Hi Patrick, how are you today ? Is it about your Macbook Air again?” I was thinking my finger was haunted !!…So…I was a week or so without my new machine and when it arrived, eventually, it had the same fault !!!.
That is a summary of the Saga…I was very critical of Apple, and Twitterised the whole sorry mess, facebook too!!…I was about to start harassing Apple again, this time to get my money back, and then… know when you have a ‘LIGHT BULB’ moment ???…I suddenly thought of a possible reason why the Macbook Air wouldn’t switch on. Something the Apple engineers couldn’t know about. When I used the Mac, I carefully took it out of the lovely leather case my Grand Daughters had bought me, laid the case on my lap and put the Mac on the case….The right hand small magnetic catch on the case was right under the on/off switch..preventing it operating…removed the case and it worked perfectly !!! Put it back on the case and it wouldn’t switch on again !!
So Apple, bless their cotton socks, replaced a perfectly good top end Macbook Air with another perfectly good top end Macbook Air. I daren’t tell them, I would be so embarrassed, so to ease my conscience I thought I’d tell you about it. I now love my Macbook

6 thoughts on “A belated update on the ‘Bad Apple Saga’…

  1. carolahand says:

    A great title and story, Patrick. I can relate to this 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    I just bought my first Macbook Air and love it; I bought the 11 in screen model because I believe a “laptop” should sit on your lap without causing major physical trauma, and this is perfect. Hope the new one works out for you.

    BTW, from the title of your blog, I thought you were from Pittsburgh, PA and were a Steelers fan, I didn’t know there was another “Steel City.”


    1. steelcityman says:

      Hahahahaha, thanks Sam..didn’t mean to cause confusion , steel is steel wherever you come from. Thanks for the visit mon ami.

      1. Sam says:

        You’re welcome.

  3. honestme363 says:

    Haha! Great story! Thanks for the smiles ☺ And I learned something too. What a bonus ☺

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thanks for the comment Mon ami… I’m glad you enjoyed my ’embarrassing’ moment with Apple

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