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I read this article about the recent behaviour of some morons who had their sensibilities offended by the recent breast feeding ‘incident’ at Clarridges ( forgive me if I’ve spelt it incorrectly, it’s not a place I frequent…in the words of Robert Treswell…”It’s not for the likes of us”.
Rachel is a blogger extraordinaire and well worth the effort of following her words of wisdom on her WordPress blog …. give it a whirl…you’ll be hooked. Anyway….Rachel’s blog ……

I made the mistake  yesterday of following the #breastfeeding hashtag on Twitter. Most of it was good reading but there were a few comments from people who objected to breastfeeding. I have never met anyone personally who claims to be offended by breastfeeding so this was new for me and quite astonishing. These people think their personal sensitivities come before the basic survival needs of a young infant. I think this view is complete and utter bollocks. They have no right to prevent someone else from taking care of their young. They need to develop a bit of tolerance. Objecting to someone caring for their infant has got to be the height of absurdity. We live in a society where we’re constantly reading about parents abusing and neglecting their children. Let’s support the ones who want to do the right thing and supporting them does not mean it is right for you to prevent…

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2 thoughts on “Breasts are multifunction devices

  1. Rachel M says:

    Thanks for the reblog!

  2. bisimodupe1975 says:

    New for me too that someone is offended by the notion of breastfeeding an infant. I mean didn’t that person feed on his/her mother’s breast? A big love and thank you to all women who breastfeed their babies. Thanks for sharing.

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