I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

After this post I will have caught up and be on track with the majority of 101’ers, so let’s crack on and do the deed….

I’ve thought long and hard about this post…well, for the last hour anyway, and I’ve come tspiders05o the conclusion that I don’t think about a specific audience for the blog, more of a general audience of fellow bloggers. I would like to entertain my readership with just my day to day thoughts (though recently it’s been more like month to months thoughts as I haven’t been very regular with my posts. (Hopefully 101 will cure that and get me in the groove again)).

I can see the value of being focused on topics and appealing to those interest groups,

but I’m a generic type of guy…I’m so eclectic in my interests I would need many pages/categories to express myself…I think the blog I have now, is cumbersome to manage and needs slimming down to make it more pleasing on the eye (and less demanding for a ‘Technophobe’ like me … I love poetry but I’m rubbish at writing it, I love music but it’s an “I like what I like” kind of love. I just need to learn how to write stuff that will make people smile. Am I wishing for the Moon ? I rather feel as though I am, so I think I will stick to being a generic type of guy with eclectic tastes…though I fear it may lead to me being boring and actually shedding what readers I havcogsinwalle picked up……I really do lack DIRECTION and PURPOSE don’t I. Let’s hope I can find both during this 101 course….I will still be inspired by what I read from other bloggers, so, carry on guys and gals ‘cos I am hooked really, on blogging.

One thought on “Blogging 101…Task 4 … Focusing on your audience

  1. MythRider says:

    I too had a long and laborious hour of thinking. Nice to know I’m in good company.

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