I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

OK…Hcogsinwallow irresistible do you want me to be ? … How irresistible CAN I be ?  Do I WANT  to be irresistible ? It would be nice to have an ‘About’ page that readers could find irresistible, but I don’t think for a minute I could write anything, a few lines even, that would make me an irresistible read.  A little negative you may think ?  well that’s me, I’m a ‘Glass Half Empty’ kind of guy, moulded by life’s kicks, stormy passages and now  advancing age….My God !! I’m depressing myself here never mind any readers I haven’t scared off !!

Well the top and bottom of it, is that I haven’t altered the ‘about’ page I  already had…it seems to do the job really (Plus life got in the way this week and I’m playing catch up… again !!)….It’s always something to come back to when my glass is ‘Half Full’… Happy Blogging folks…

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