Well…still on catch up….Since I retired, it makes me wonder how the devil did I ever fit WOcogsinwallRK into my life ?? Where does the time go?? I think I know the answer to that one..it just goes by quicker, like a roller coaster going downhill it picks up speed…

Commenting on four other Blogs I haven’t commented on yet…I had a good look round and decided on these four ;

https://waltbox.wordpress …. great sense of humour, this accomplished  writer will make you smile if not laugh out loud

https://martinupfold.wordpress.com …. a young man’s view of his life as he struggles with Bi-Polar disorder and how it is affecting him, his family and every aspect of his life. well worth a follow. He is a new blogger, just published his first post.

https://leftiesoapbox.wordpress.com …. a reflection of my personal politics as I try to ‘Keep the Red Flag Flying High’….

https:musinwithsusan.wordpress.com … the blog of a switched on woman who is a very capable photographer as well as an entertaining writer … she also has three blogs to choose from !!

…So that is Task 8 finished and it took a long time to do as I chose very carefully the blogs to visit and comment on…hopefully the authors will reply and give me some feedback…indeed anyone is welcome to do that…happy blogging peeps…