I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Blogging 101 is finished at last …HUSSAR !!! it’s been a real journey through the worlcogsinwalld of IT and the WordPress platform in particular (well…for a technophobe like me it has !!) I’ve been frustrated …a lot…despondent…a lot, and Ive learned a lot, but the biggest thing that has happened is that I’ve met a helluva lot of other Bloggers. Some rank beginners and others well experienced and the one thing they all have in common is they are ALL supportive, helpful and kind hearted to anyone who is a technophobe…like me !! So a big thank you to all the 101’ers who have read and  commented on my Blog and conversed with me over the duration of the course THANK YOU ALL !!! 

The final Task has been to commit to a regular weekly or monthly page in order to make the commitment to Blog on a regular basis…so…being as many of my followers are from nations other than the UK, I’ve decided to have a weekly published page which rounds up all the major happenings in this Sceptered  Isle, with a touch of my rapier like wit, a touch of political bias and a soupçon  of devilish criticism…(God !! I hope I don’t get sued !!!…mind you, If I do get sued for libel or anything connected with that, they won’t get much money out of me because I have no assets !!!)..I’m proper boracic … pink lint…SKINT !!)

cogsinwallThe first published page of this new venture should be ready around the 5th August…(My Happy Birthday..Hint Hint ) Title and format more or less decided on…so…watch this space and, while you’re at it…why not try a blog yourself..Break the chains holding you back and Reach out to the rest of the world…so much more mind stretching than FizzogBook.

One thought on “Blogging 101…alles Fertig !!!…Done and dusted !!!

  1. honestme363 says:

    Happy early birthday in case I forget. Looking forward to your weekly post ☺

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