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 Here I am, 0330hrs and wide awake…  I was in bed for about 2100hrs. I had watched two episodes of the Game of Thrones (season 4…I am a late starter !!)..nothing much on TV so I accompanied my better half to the boudoir for some sleep…no sleep available…so I read  for about an hour, felt my eyelids drooping and swapped the Kindle for my MP3 player and went off with the fairies accompanied by a  Pink Floyd playlist I had compiled for these very occasions. I reached ‘Comfortably Numb’ and realised I wasn’t….no sleep in me at all !! Pecogsinwallrsevered for another hour with an eclectic mix of everything from the Beatles, opera, Floyd and pop to Jazz and blues classics….still no sleep….So! I thought, get a cup of Java, a Hob Nob biscuit and have a go at reading a few of the blogs I follow on, get some inspiration in lieu of a visit from Hypnos and his son Morpheus….

That magical writer, TERRY PRATCHETT  Sadly no longer on this earthly plane as he passed in March this year, a victim of Altzheimers,  In his Discworld novel ‘SOURCERY’ famously described ‘Inspiration’ as (Quote)……
        “It is a well-known established fact throughout the many-dimensional worlds of the multiverse that most really great discoveries are owed to one brief moment of inspiration. There’s a lot of spadework first, of course, but what clinches the whole thing is the sight of, say, a falling apple or a boiling kettle or the water slipping over the edge of the bath. Something goes click inside the observer’s head and then everything falls into place. The shape of DNA, it is popularly said, owes its discovery to the chance sight of a spiral staircase when the scientist’s mind was just at the right receptive temperature. Had he used the elevator, the whole science of genetics might have been a good deal different.

This is thought of as somehow wonderful. It isn’t. It is tragic. Little particles of inspiration sleet through the universe all the time traveling through the densest matter in the same way that a neutrino passes through a candyfloss haystack, and most of them miss.

Even worse, most of the ones that hit the exact cerebral target, hit the wrong one.

For example, the weird dream about a lead doughnut on a mile-high gantry, which in the right mind would have been the catalyst for the invention of repressed-gravitational electricity generation (a cheap and inexhaustible and totally non-polluting form of power which the world in question had been seeking for centuries, and for the lack of which it was plunged into a terrible and pointless war) was in fact had by a small and bewildered duck.

By another stroke of bad luck, the sight of a herd of wild horses galloping through a field of wild hyacinths would have led a struggling composer to write the famous Flying God Suite, bringing succor and balm to the souls of millions, had he not been at home in bed with shingles. The inspiration thereby fell to a nearby frog, who was not in much of a position to make a startling contributing to the field of tone poetry.

Many civilizations have recognized this shocking waste and tried various methods to prevent it, most of them involving enjoyable but illegal attempts to tune the mind into the right wavelength by the use of exotic herbage or yeast products. It never works properly.”

― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery 

…Rather a long winded Quote, but to get the full feel of his words it was necessary (Thank God for spell check..I can never spell necessary  !!!).

So was I struck by one of these cosmic ‘inspiration particles’ ??? Methinks not. Rather, I am bored to the point of distraction and haven’t an ounce of sleep in my body so in parting I would like to say to HYPNOS and his wayward son MORPHEUS...”I don’t need you tonight BOG OFF !! … I have my WordPress Blog to comfort me!!!….I think I’ll read a bit more…or just get up and treat whats left of this morning (it’s 0345hrs now) as just a dark period of wakefulness  and have a VERY long breakfast ….Good Night Peeps, sleep well, and to all fellow bloggers…”Happy Blogging”cogsinwall

7 thoughts on “Inspiration or just plain boredom ?

  1. Darkwriter11 says:

    That was quite lovely! I know plenty about those nights of sleeplessness and boredom. You try to appease yourself and eventually you do; you just wonder how long it’s gonna take. Anyway, lovely stuff.

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thanks for the comment… It’s so nice when someone makes the effort to reply in a positive manner … Thanks again 😀

      1. Darkwriter11 says:

        Oh you’re most welcome. I often reply and comment. Not because everything needs my two cents but because not enough comments are often made. Once someone takes the first step, others find it easy to follow behind. Plus, positivity is becoming scarce in this cynical world.

        P.S. You’ll probably enjoy the new post on my blog in about 9 hours. 🙂

        1. steelcityman says:

          Looking forward to it mon ami…

  2. Mridul bedi says:

    Happens alot … Was so connecting !! 👌

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thank you … The lack of sleep is still happening, but alas, the inspiration is a little thin at the moment 😄

      1. Mridul bedi says:

        Because loneliness is deep😟 Time will heal don’t worry 😊

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