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This piece contains strong opinions and the odd swear word and is not very complimentary to the bloody Tory party (the’ Government of the day’)

Over recent months, the lying hounds of capitalism (Tories) have tried to placate the   disgruntled peons of the North, who, since 1979, have suffered under their obnoxious rule andcogsinwall seen ALL their industrial heartlands destroyed, unemployment rise ( I too can manipulate figures, Cameron !!) living standards plummet and the Holy Cow of the National Health Service gradually farmed out to private enterprise. Lots of promises have been made to win the hearts and minds of the  Northern peons, the two most recent ones being 1).. The electrification of the Manchester/Leeds railway, a key component of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ concept…2).. The High Speed Rail connection to LONDON.

The electrification of the Trans Pennine rail link (Manchester-Leeds) has been … guess what ??? … SUSPENDED !!! … Whilst LONDON, yes Bloody London again… has got another £45 BILLION invested in infrastructure. That’s £5,305 per capita spending in London , with only £414 per capita spending in the North East and  £851 per capita spending in Yorkshire and Humberside .

The Bias towards investment in LONDON (AGAIN!!) suggests that the promise and commitment to the geographical rebalancing of the UK economy is a downright Lie !! The way the government are going will surely inhibit private sector investment and growth in all other parts of the UK. There will certainly be no growth in the public sector…the bloody conservatives are in the driving seat !!!…. The £208 billion project to electrify the Cross Pennine link and kick start the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has fallen at the first hurdle and in June, was postponed ‘indefinitely’ . The next one is the high speed link to LONDON. Who the **** wants to go to bloody LONDON…again ??? … All roads lead to LONDON, the bloody government can’t see beyond London to the ever growing wasteland of the North…we need a life line up here!!!

Maybe it wasn’t Marie Antoinette who said, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”  Mr Cameron, But Legend has it that when told the peasants of Paris were starving, that’s what she said….”Let them eat cake,”…. That, allegedly, was the precursor to the French Revolution, and……..there is very little ‘cake’ left in the North. It’s not impossible to drive a populace to revolution…..we’ve already had one and come VERY close on a couple of more occasions, BOTH in living memory.cogsinwall

5 thoughts on “Northern Powerhouse ??? don’t make me laugh !!!

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I barely understand our politics and promises (broken and fulfilled) so I can’t really comment, but I enjoyed reading this.

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thanks Dan, for the like and the reply

  2. Darkwriter11 says:

    Quite the conundrum but I suppose it must be corruption and false intent. I have no previous knowledge of UK governmental workings but lies are lies. Sure, things can improve but only those with a surefire, outspoken (and sadly radical) cause will be heard. Don’t let these passions die.

    Thanks for sharing steelcityman. Ad oblivious as I am, it was enjoyable to read.

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thanks for the like and the very much appreciated reply … I belong to a dying breed called ‘Socialists’ and that’s where my passion lies, but it’s exciting times here as there seems to be a ‘resurection’ of old values within the young working and lower middle class youth…one can hope….

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