I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

The saga of Mrs Davis’ refusal to endorse same sex marriages in Rowan County, Kentucky, was at last resolved over the Weekend just gone. Unlike the vast majcogsinwallority of officials in the USA, Mrs Kim Davis, County Clerk for Rowan County,  Kentucky, had for the last month been defying federal law by refusing to marry same sex couples, despite several federal court orders,  citing her religious/Christian belief that gay marriage was a sin and she was using God’s authority…..Mrs Davis was jailed for contempt. The judge even offered to release her if she promised not to interfere with her employees issuing licences…but she refused. After Jailing Mrs Davis, the judge threatened each of the six other clerks with the same fate as her if they took the same path of refusing to issue licences to gay couples.   Five of the six deputy clerks agreed to issue licences  but the sixth, Mrs Davis’s son, refused….is the judge going to live up to his threat and jail the son as well ??….we will have to see. Personally, I hope he does…nothing displeases me more nowadays than a bigot, and religious bigotry is of the worst kind. You don’t have to look very far away from home to see religious bigotry in it’s worst form destroying lives, nations and the very name of God….I’m the first to admit I don’t have much knowledge of the mores and values of native Kentuckians, but from the little I have gleaned, I suspect the same sex couples who marry there, will have a bit of a rough ride in that society. They do too here in England, with Many church leaders saying it is an abomination in the sight of the Lord…and of course, the parishioners  will follow their lead like the good sheep they are. They say (who are they ??) that money is the root of all evil….I think it should be re written to say Religion is the root of all evil.

Oh dear I can hear the howls of derision form my front room !!! and the heat is being turned up !!! WAIT !! is that brimstone I can smell ???? cogsinwall

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