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.cogsinwall…After trying to explain the benefits to mankind in part one, re ; DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING, I thought I might add a post about the other side of getting involved yourself … the SOCIAL side. As well as doing some top grade scientific research, you can also have a bit of fun. You get to meet other like minded people who are donating their computer’s spare time to doing research, all over the world. you can seek out others from your neck of the woods or on the other side of the world. Some people are lone wolves and just let their computers do the work without bothering to join in the social side of things…others…like me…join a team of home researchers. My team is TEAM PHOENIX RISING  a team which welcomes members from all over the world and within these teams can be found a great friendly rivalry, each member trying to outdo the others in terms of the amount of work processed…(remember the bite sized packages of data I mentioned in part one ?) Each bite sized package of data is referred to as a ‘COBBLESTONE’…whether it is information from the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence , or SETI…or the medical information from ROSETTA  or any of the dozens of scientific research projects you may choose to assist… a COBBLESTONE is the basic currency of the rivalry. There are league tables so you can follow your progress as you overtake (or STOMP) other team members. Each team has a forum where newbies can ask questions, get guidance and learn about the science behind the project you have chosen to support…There is always a project that will attract you to give  your computers  time to, and more appear as fresh research projects are conceived. ….. There are a myriad teams, usually based on interest groups Ie. TEAM PICARD  based on, obviously, Jean Luc Picard and the starship Enterprise, … THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI !!, based on the Monty Python style humour. There are teams researching Astronomical issues, Black holes and Gravity waves Etc …. you just got to browse and find a team which suits you

Please try donating your computers spare time to do some serious research … and a good tip is if you are in charge of computers at your work place get them working too !!                         ONWARDS AND UPWARDS…TO INFINITY AND BEYOND !! (to quote a toy)


2 thoughts on “What does your computer do in it’s spare time ?? …(Part Two)

  1. Awesome work, Pat 🙂

    1. steelcityman says:

      Always nice to hear a compliment from the ‘margins’ Carol🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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