I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

I’ve tried Blogging, and although I still enjoy doing it , (Who doesn’t  ? ..Vlogging that is !), I find my motivation slowly slipping away, with increasing gaps between my blog posts. I still feel as thoucogsinwallgh I have lots to say on many topics, and who wouldn’t with over 67 years of life experience behind them ? I’m finding that LIFE gets in the way more and more as I get older, and I am getting slower and less active too. Its like my ‘Get up and Go’ has Got up and Gone !!!    So …. I need something to motivate me and  get me going again.

Whilst surfing through the world of You Tube a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the concept of VLOGGING, which is basically, Blogging through the medium of Video, and I thought, “That’s different, I wonder If I could spice my Blog up with a link to my You Tube channel and Vlog what I Blog?”…. still with me ? Great!…. and here I am, struggling with the technology of Vlogging equipment, the software required and, for me, the  confusing medium of YOU TUBE with added interference from GOOGLE…must be a merger/buy out corporate thing !!…Anyway, as those who follow me know, that’s because Im a dyed in the wool technophobe, 1st class and bar and I don’t take much confusing nowadays. cogsinwallAnyway…I came across an American guy called CASEY NEISTAT and was immediately  impressed with his vlogging  technique . He is very inspirational and entertaining to boot. Admittedly he uses top of the range equipment like the best DSLR cameras, lights, microphones and even DRONES for aerial scenes (very impressive..and…very expensive !!) but it works, his blogs are very watchable and as I said before, inspirational if you have the slightest inclination to start Vlogging…even if you haven’t any inclination to vlog, you
may well want to after you’ve seen a few of his films !! He is a very skilled film maker who, incidentally , makes a good living as a Youtuber. After seeing what CASEY NEISTAT and his other You Tubing friends can do with Vlogging, I’m inspired to try it, and my ‘Get up and Go” seems to be “Getting up and coming back.”

My first posting of the Vlog is on my You Tube channel , click the link to view, …… All it  is , is a test piece to see if I have understood how to edit in iMovies, put on a sound track and mess around with Time lapse and Slo-Mo … there is so much to learn, especially as I am a dyed in the wool Technophobe who has only just come to terms with the calculator never mind all the electriconic stuff which talks in Klingon !!! Anyway, I plan to Vlog whatever I Blog and give you the best…or worst… of both worlds !!

I’ll tell you what though, I wish all this technology had been around when I was 16 years old (thats 1964) I would have embraced and conquered it. It is certainly the medium for young people (that’s anyone under 35 in my book !!) …. I spent some time looking at vloggers from the UK … not really impressed with what I saw … Not that I’m saying my Vlogs will be any better, just that none of the UK Vloggers floated my boat…. spunk49eems to me there are not many good ones around, mainly young teens displaying the daftness of youth..(I’m jealous, can’t you tell !!)  It appears the Americans have mastered it very well, that’s where I find the most interesting technique and content, CASEY NEISTAT and friends in particular…that guy is living the dream.

I also looked good and hard for any SENIOR CITIZEN Vlogs …. didn’t find cogsinwallmany at all, and those I did find, well, I will strive to be better. There is certainly a niche out there for SENIOR CITIZEN VLOGGERS … so come on fellow wrinklies , we need to fill that niche with INTERESTING STUFF….GET VLOGGING !!!


3 thoughts on “Into the realms of VLOGGING…

  1. steelcityman says:

    They are indeed mon ami, Caitlin 10yrs old, Isobelle 9 yrs old and the tiny terror is Phillipa, 2 yrs old .. If I’d known grand children were so much fun, I think we’d have had them first !! 😂. Hope you are well Carol and enjoying life xx🌹🌹

    1. Grandchildren are delightful, aren’t they! I love your new focus on vlogging, and I am really impressed with your first video. Your granddaughters must feel like stars! What a wonderful grandfather to give them the gift of your attention and creativity.

      Right now, my focus is on editing the first draft of the book I’ve been working on for months. It takes so much discipline to continue a task that forces me to focus on details rather than the big picture. But I’m almost at the 25% mark and still waiting to hear reactions from the two friends who agreed to read it and give me critical feedback.

      I look forward to your next videos, Pat, and send my best wishes to you and your lovely family ❤

      1. steelcityman says:

        Thanks Carol..a reply from you to a post of mine is always so much more than a ‘comment’. Good luck with the book, Im sure it will be well received …. I’ve just finished reading ‘The trail of Tears’….. after reading one of your blog posts. I can’t describe how I felt, it was hard going. I also saw a TV clip of you talking about the ‘REDMAN’ school logo..(been digging round in your archives .. lol)
        Still got a lot to learn about iMovies editing and Vlogging equipment ( I’ll have to save up for quite a while to get some decent gear !!) but I’ll try for one Vlog a week to start and try also to make it interesting. I’m considering opening another You Tube channel dedicated to Detached Youth Work provision …. we’ll see !!! 🙂

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