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An anti-fracking campaigner has been served with court papers during a tea party protest opposite Buckingham Palace.

Source: Lancashire ‘Nana’ threatened with prison during Buckingham Palace protest … from an article by Ruth Hayhurst in the ‘Drill and Drop’ publication

I’ve jucogsinwallst caught up with this update  of the Lancashire ‘Granny’s Tea Party Protest’ out side Buckingham Palace … the subject of one of my last Blogs and Vlogs. If you  saw my last Vlog, you may remember me giving odds on wether Diamond Lil (aka the Queen) would actually condescend to attend the tea party and converse with the wonderful women of the Northern Climes about the concerns expressed over Fracking, and the dangers, explicit with the concept of pumping chemicals into the water table, thus putting their/our grand children in real danger. Well, well … guess what ? She didn’t think it would be proper to converse with the Northern Plebs whilst drinking tea with them..(probably out of cracked jam jars she may have thought) … No… instead she sent the police to block attempts to give her a report/petition, not quite sure which, and one of the protesters was threatened with arrest and prison ….. This is democracy ???? this is Freedom of speech ??? This is freedom to lawfully protest ???  What is this country coming to when Grand Mothers are threatened with prison for trying to protest …  nay!! .. PEACEFULLY protest … about multinational companies putting the health and safety of ordinary people at risk, all for the sake of PROFIT ???

I urge you to use the link and read the story…..and then send a letter to ERIN BROKOVICH … tell her the peons of England need her !!!!cogsinwall

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