I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

If you are a ‘watcher’ of the steelcityman vlogs on You Tube, you will no doubt have heard me saying, more than once, that I need new , better equipment … well, that day has cogsinwallarrived and I have replaced my trusty Nikon D3100 for a smaller, better, faster and altogether more super model to both blog with and photograph with. The sond quality of the Nikon was very poor with NO external mic jack … therefore only suitable for inside/studio work whilst being very close to the mic. The brand I have replaced The Nikon with is CANON … much better suited for video work and it has the added benefit of having a mic
jack so I can connect an external mic for much improved sound quality. The Model I chose wasn’t my first choice or even my second choice due to budget constraints … my first choice was a Canon 80D coming in at £999.00…way too much for my meagre means !!! … second choice was a Canon 70D, a model I aspired to use ever since I started watching ‘CASEY NIESTAT’ on You Tube, but even that was beyond my means at £700.00 … so, I settled on the Canon 750d … the price only made me cry from one eye and it is still a very useful cogsinwallcamera and excellent for filming videos’ for You Tube. So There you have it, or rather, there I have it…external mic in the post (it will probably arrive whilst I’m at the hospital with my wife but, Hey Ho! better vlogging is on the way …. so tune into the steelcityman vlog on You Tube, and catch the next visual (and audible) treat from yours truly. catch you all later folks ….

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