I'm just a WYSIWYG kind of guy … who wears his heart on his sleeve.

      It feels like ages since I put pen to paper .. metaphorically speaking … and it feels even longer since my fingers danced the ‘light fantastic’ over the keyboard … well, maybe ‘dancing the light fantastic’ is a bit much, as I’m quite heavy handed actually … lol… cogsinwallAnyway discerning readers, what I’m trying to say is that it has been too long  since I produced some original words in the ‘steelcityman’ Blog. The only thing I’ve done recently is to ‘RE-BLOG’ other people’s work. Not that it is is a bad thing to do, re-blogging, I only reblog other people’s words when those words stir within me, some strong emotion and an urge to shout ‘Hear Hear’ whilst applauding …  or is it Here Here ??….Hear, hear vs. here, here – Grammarist …(I was right first time !!!)

      The last post by my friend and fellow blogger, Martin Upfold, is a good example of an article which stirred me enough to re-blog it, concerning  discrimination against people with mental health issues… give it a read if you missed it and check out Martin’s blog on how it affects him, his family and the people around him. It’s a fascinating read. 

The thing is, with the talent around on WordPress blogs, it is so easy to re-blog other people’s words. A couple spring to mind instantly for me … the first is a wonderful woman from the U.S.A , who has such a strong grasp on life with her philosophy  and modus operandi … CAROL .A. HAND … a wordsmith of the finest order, a teacher, storyteller and poet. If any blogger deserves an accolade from anyone, it is CAROL.A.HAND .  Her Blog is entitled ‘ VOICES FROM THE MARGINS’ … please give Carol’s blog a read, but be warned !!!! , you may be with her for some time ….

Another Excellent writer, blogger and all round first class wordsmith with a killer sense of humour (she’ll probably point out that Humour is spelt wrongly, same as my spelling of colour !!!) … Yes you guessed it, she is an American too !!! Her Monica is ELLEN HAWLEY, she resides in Cornwall and has us Brits well and truly taped !! Tcogsinwallhe blog site is entitled ‘NOTES FROM THE UK’  BE PREPARED TO BE ENTERTAINED….Again, if you visit her site, beware, you may be there some time !!!

A personal favourite post of mine is ‘Bell ringer’s injuries’.… larf ??? I nearly wet myself !!!. 

  I sincerely hope the two wonderful women I have mentioned in my inane whitterings don’t mind the accolades I have given them … nor Martin either…but there you are, I’m just writing what I feel. I hope you feel the same after visiting their blogs.

eyeballeyeballPoor  health is still plaguing me and putting  the brakes on anything I try to do lately … not that I’m complaining, well I suppose I am really, being limited by illness is a real shit package and of course, the real problem is that I’m still 23 years old in my head !!! The main problem, along with several other complaints, is Heart Faliure. Anyone carrying that around with then will know what I mean. It also limits me in what I can do regarding the VLOG on my You tube channel  … more and more I’m having to film indoors or in the proximity of the back garden because I don’t have the energy or strength to walk any distance in outdoor locations … still, the challenge there is to make interesting content without using more exotic locations … I like a challenge … lol.

I must admit, I really enjoy getting to grips with the technology  and equipment needed to produce vlogs as opposed to blogs. I’m hoping to start two more You tube channels in the near future … one will be a review channel for vlogging equipmentcogsinwall, not the usual High End, expensive equipment loved and coveted by all Vloggers..(we can’t all be as wealthy as CASEY NEISTAT !!!! ) … No, I’ll be reviewing the cheaper alternatives (which I use !!). Can’t afford a £600 mic ??? I’ll review a £25 mic … get the picture ?? It will be a technical review channel for … POOR TECHNOPHOBES !!! 

The other channel will be a PODCAST … just me waffling, no video just a background with my voice and a few sound effects. Should be fun…I’m looking forward to it … ONWARDS AND UPWARDS !!! ……..

 This is Patrick ..AKA… the steelcityman bidding you a very good night from the ….. 20140916_100002

3 thoughts on “Getting back on track… last !!

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    Thanks for the mention. I’ll check out the other blogs, but before I do that I’m sending good wishes for your health. Long may you stay 23.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Good to see you in my inbox again, Patrick. I hope your condition improves. For me, 23 was almost 40 years and 70 pounds ago (I was very thin).

  3. Dear Pat, I am so grateful for your kindness. Please know that I am sending loving, healing thoughts across the big pond as I eagerly await another of your wonderful posts and/or vlogs. Chi miigwetch, dear friend. ❤

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