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I’m being overtaken in this amazing world of multi media … Blogging, Vlogging and the occasional Flogging (of dead horses !!!) … a synonym for ‘lack of motivation’ … I think … Anyway, the BLOG is being overtaken by the VLOG. Much as I enjoy the written word, and all the colour (English spelling) that words bring into one’s life, and I will NEVER stop reading other wordsmith’s contributions to the BLOGGOSPHERE … NEVER !!! , (I could never stop reading the words of bloggers like …  CAROL.A.HAND , and …. ELLEN HAWLEY ) I am finding that I am being drawn away from writing my own words in this BLOG, by the seductive medium of the ‘Short Film’, the You tube phenomenon or VLOG.

The people who are responsible for this ‘Drawing Away’ from the written word, apart from an easily influenced ‘ME’ …. are in the first instance, CASEY NEISTAT , who was the very first vlogger/film maker I saw on You Tube, he had a great influence on me and I aspired to be like him. It wasn’t long before I realised that Casey was in fact a millionaire, with a load of very expensive equipment, an amazing studio and, well, everything I hadn’t got and could never have. BUT, that didn’t stop me learning from him … The next influence on my desire to VLOG my life on You tube was a energetic young man, not in New York or L.A but in Rotherham, just round the corner from where I live. His name … HARRISON FLETCHER …. He started as a very young You tuber, now a film maker to boot, very accomplished, skillfull, charming and fast becoming … NAY!! has become, my mentor/idol and the one I aspire to be like … Check out his new documentary, ‘The 70 year old Vlogger’  which features me, steelcityman, along with a young vlogger and a media professional. (leave a comment and tell me what you think about it. ) Better still, follow the link and tell Harrison Fletcher what you think about the documentary.


Anyway readers, if you are still awake ! …. Whereas in the first instance I found Blogging very rewarding, rising to the challenge of new (to me) technology, especially when I began attracting followers who subscribed to my BLOG, after doing the BLOGGING 101 course, the numbers following me started to slow down and became static. Not a very motivational ‘happening” (excuse the old ‘Hippy’ language) … I began to spend more time reading other Blogger’s words of wisdom, outrage and humour than compiling my own … That’s about the time I discovered VLOGGING … and how expensive it could be, and time consuming and energy sapping ( at least for someone of my age !!) … but … I enjoyed it tremendously. I found I could put more of ME into the films I made..just by being ME.. In the BLOGS I wrote, I wrote the same way I always had done since being at school, with great gusto and not a lot of skill, but with a VLOG, I found I could put more of ME into the work and express myself a whole lot more … That’s when the VLOG started to overtake the BLOG, and as a BLOGGER I suddenly found myself looking at the rear of the VLOGGER as he overtook me and began to pull ahead.

So, that’s where I stand at the moment, playing second fiddle to the Vlog … I hope it all made sense to you…I think it does for me !! Maybe I WILL concentrate  my efforts on the VLOGGING, I now have 104 subscriptions to my ‘steelcityman’ channel and I’m publishing 9 vlogs per month, plus there is a Weekly PODCAST in the offing when I can decide (and save up for ) which kind of  new mic and  audio mixer deck to get … My wish list gets longer by the day !!!

That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading my scribblings, and,


like Arnie says, …….”I’ll be back”


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  1. Dan Antion says:

    I like both, but I am often not able to view the VLOG. I tend to catch up on blogs in a lot of places where I can’t really listen, as I can’t make noise. I don’t always have a headset with me. Finally, watching YouTube does not lend itself to task-switching or multitasking or being interrupted. I can pause the vlog, but I can’t really fall back into context. So, if I get interrupted, I lose track and tend to fall away.

    With the written blog, I can read, stop, start again and I can read it on my laptop, or phone and I can read anywhere, anytime. For example, while I was reading this and then again while writing the comment, I had to deal with our dog twice, and it wasn’t a problem.

    So, I follow you in both places, but I miss a lot of your videos. I’m sorry, as I do enjoy them, but it’s hard to find the uninterrupted block of time in a place where I can have the sound up. I hope you don’t totally give up the written form.

    1. steelcityman says:

      I will keep the Blog going Dan and I appreciate your point … in this blog I was just thinking aloud really, or thinking in words … I know what I mean !!! Thanks for your considered comment Dan, it’s always nice to hear from you …

  2. I love your vlogs, Pat. 🙂

  3. steelcityman says:

    Thank you … that means a lot to me 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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