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      Well, after all this time, and just a few reblogs of ELLEN HAWLEY’s   great works, I’m back AGAIN with a renewed commitment to the SteelCityMan Blog.  I’ll just say that if you haven’t yet had the great pleasure of reading what Ellen writes, then you are in for a treat if you follow the above link to her page…and…follow you must !!     I’ve been away for so long, I didn’t realise that WordPress have made so many changes. In fact I’ve been away for so long I half expected my account to be closed as I have been concentrating on my VLOGGING journey for the last two years and sadly neglected the old Steelcityman Bloggeroony … I’ll include my latest Vlog, in the Blog, at the end of this phase of the comeback. I’m not sure about the ‘BLOCK’ system that’s appeared…It’s New and scares me a little !! …I don’t seem to be able to incorporate my little interior spinning cogs in the post now, they were put in on my very first post, as an exercise in Blogging 101, years ago, but I’ll give it a go and look at the preview later …( Ah they’re in, I’ve reverted to the ‘Classical editor)…… RIGHT …… I’ll post a link to my latest Vlog;  Walk a mile in my shoes # 20     A whimsical look at the local dialect of my home city, SHEFFIELD in South Yorkshire. This is version #2 of ‘SHEFFIELDISH’, the previous episode gaining well over 13,000 views to date. If you enjoy it, Give me a thumbs up, leave a comment and please subscribe to my channel on Youtube.  


cogsinwallIt Has proved quite an expensive venture, has Vlogging, spending cash on cameras ( now standing at 3 … A Canon 750d (DSLR), a Panasonic Lumix G7 (a compact 4/3rds system) and a Canon Powershot Gx7 MK III ) and of course the attendant lenses, tripods, Flashguns, studio lights, backdrops and empty bank balance to go with it all !!! Still, it’s all in a good cause, though a Cecil B Demille I will never be. If the technology had been around 50 years ago then I would have aspired to be a filmmaker as opposed to a run of the mill small Youtuber. I enjoy making the 15-minute films for Youtube. The only two problems I have are (a): my health, which restricts me getting out and about, and (b); I don’t have a place to set up my studio and leave it set up. As it stands I have to carry the lights and all my gear to where I’m filming and afterwards take it all down and carry it back to where I store it. Living where I do, in a one bedroomed flat, there is just not the room. I have to use the public lounge areas upstairs. Anyway enough wittering on about that.

blue-and-yellow-round-star-print-textile-113885.jpgA lot has happened in the political arena since I last posted on a regular basis, with the two main topics being the UK has left the European Union, which in my humble opinion is the single worst thing to happen to my country since the Black Death, I really fear for the National Health Service, workers rights, health and safety at work,  The dreaded Universal credit (which is responsible for thousands of premature deaths through poverty and debt).  In the same depressive vein is the fact that the potential saviour of the British working class, Jeremy Corbyn, the Socialist leader of the Labour Party, suffered the most crushing defeat in modern-day politics at the last General Election and, I feel, we have at least another 15 years of black-hearted Tory rule before the labour party will recover. That is of course unless the misguided masses realise what a catastrophe the Tories are making of this country because the working class used the election to speed up Brexit !!! I was gutted, I don’t mind saying, and it seems to be the end of the Socialist dream here in the UK. I think I will hibernate for a long time and just come out to Blog and Vlog.Take care you all……cogsinwall

4 thoughts on “BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN

  1. Dan Antion says:

    It’s good to see you back here.

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thanks Dan…good to be back.

  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    Welcome back. And I’m with you completely on the politics.

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thank you Ellen, you are an inspiration as well as a wonderful woman xxx

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