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Here we are again…still in the North Devon District hospital, frittering away my ‘holiday’, wired up to state of the art technology, which is eating my telemetry like a Hungry Hippo. I can amuse myself by messing with the readings, holding my breath for a while, causing the wavy lines to change, or doing exercises with my legs. The nurses know what I’m doing and now just shout, “Patrick! … STOP IT !! One must have amusement in this hectic life of lying down all the time or just sitting watching other patients. It can be a fun activity, ‘people watching.’ As RILA FUKUSHIMA says, ” I like people watching and getting inspiration from the unique who don’t follow any fashion tides. From 12-year-olds who have full freedom to 86-year-old ladies with a ton of class.” Or, if the watcher is a bit on the paranoid side, “They don’t like you but they still find time to watch everything you do.'(anonymous, world wide web) The skill in people watching of course is NOT getting caught staring at people. However, there is plenty of time to develop that skill whilst incarcerated in this KrankenHaus. Several other ways for me to pass the time are, sleeping, taking a nap, as well as having forty winks. After reading, writing the steelcityman bog and reading other blogs….Oh! and watching Youtube, there is not a lot of time in the day to do much else really. Getting to grips with the accent down here consumes what time is left. Then it’s bed time … Oh! I’m already in bed !!

I really don’t know why I have neglected the steelcityman blog for so long…well, I do actualy, I was lured away by the more ‘modern fad of Vlogging on Youtube…I went for the fame and fortune of being a Video Influencer … Sorry, I had to pause then for a ten minute hearty laugh. I’m afraid that’s gone by the wayside lately as well. I suppose really, that the main reason is motivation…gone out the window, fallen into a black hole, or otherwise buggered off. Unlike my morning cup of char which has just arrived courtesy of the very hard-working auxiliary nurses. “I’ll be back…”

Nice cuppa Char… Whilst having my cup of tea I had a funny turn .. chest pains and a pain in the left arm .. only minor but enough to make me press the buzzer and get some help, which arrived promptly, and the angels in question worked their magic. I’m now back on an even keel and it’s just past lunchtime (how time flies when you’re having fun !!). The little hiccup didn’t suppress my appetite as I polished off a nice portion of Chicken casserole followed by some coconut jam sponge and custard. The nurses and ancillary staff here are simply wonderful, and that is my experience of the National Health Service over the years and at every establishment I have been treated. I can’t praise them enough and don’t forget, unlike most other countries, the treatment is free. I reckon, if I lived somewhere like America, with all the procedures and medication I’ve had over the years, I would have died a pauper years ago !! No insurance company would touch me. So, yes, we Brits have much to be thankful for in the NHS. I can’t imagine life without it.

Right folks, I’m going to sign off now as I’m getting the old ‘Numb Bum’ syndrome. I’ll do some reading up on how I can insert pictures, Giff’s, etc, and get the text to wrap around them ….. If that’s possible even, then I’ll be able to spruce up the blog and make it more interesting. If it won’t let me do that, then I may consider using another platform.


4 thoughts on “MUCH WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE whatever #3

  1. I hear that vast swathes of the NHS are being covertly sold to private (American private at that) companies. Not sure how true that is but it wouldn’t surprise me that it is being done. People watching I like that too. Some good fun can be had from it.

  2. steelcityman says:

    That’s quite true…break the NHS then sell it off piecemeal .. the Tories have always hated the NHS…..I gree, people watching can be real good fun…..I am now one of your followers.

  3. Sending love, Pat, and hardy “GET WELL SOON” wishes! 💜

    1. steelcityman says:

      Thank you dear friend, I really appreciate you commenting… and thank you for the good wishes from over the pond xxx

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